Testimonial- Sunnyhills Farm Shop

The success of Sunnyhills Farm Shop at Belford in Northumberland, is attributed in no small part to the dedicated staff who ensure the smooth running of the 7-day operating farm shop, bistro, café, ice cream parlour and gift shop.

So when Tori and Toby took on the challenge of running the business with no previous experience just 12 months ago, the last thing they wanted to do was upset their newly inherited workforce by messing up their wages!

Tori explains; “Neither Toby nor myself had any previous experience of having staff responsibilities, so even something as basic as making sure our staff members are paid on time has been a major learning curve for us! Liz and her team are far more than just ‘bookkeepers’; they are a ‘Godsend’, giving us great advice that has helped guide us with the business in general. The team is very approachable and do exactly what they say they will, speedily and efficiently.

We have plans to grow and develop Sunnyhills and the support we receive from Turpin Bookkeeping will continue to play an important role in that process.”