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Payroll & Pensions


Our payroll and pension services ensure you stay compliant with HMRC and the Pension Regulator.

We have a stepped charging rate so that we are flexible with your business, we will notify you when payments are due to HMRC and the amounts due to help you plan for outgoings.

Our services include:

  • Creating your payroll on our payroll system and company set up
  • Input of existing employees and new employees (as and when) on to our system
  • Calculate variable payments, including pension deductions, PAYE, student loans and NI (both employees and employers)
  • Calculate all statutory payments including Statutory Sick Pay, maternity, adoptions, paternity etc., as necessary.
  • Calculate and deduct attachment to earnings Orders (AEO – Court Orders) and similar up to 5 per payroll are free of charge, 6 plus incur a fee charge
  • Prepare employee payslips emailing these direct to you, using encrypted emails
  • Email P45 and end of year P60’s to you and/or your staff by encrypted email
  • Email management reports, including HMRC liability statements each month/quarter
  • Prepare and submit real Time Information (RTI) returns to HMRC each payday, including year-end
  • (Royal) Mailing or Emailing encrypted payslips, P45’s or P60’s to individual employees
  • Setting up the Workplace pension process either using a government scheme such as NEST or a pension provider of your choice
  • Prepare and issuing pension and AEO statements and payment advice
  • Collating and calculating pay amounts from timesheets etc., we would expect the information to be provided in a spreadsheet format for input
  • Bank upload (via BACS) of the wages
  • If you don’t need all of these services, you can pick and choose the items you require.

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