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Self-Assessment may sound like a simple enough task but there’s still a lot to think about and be aware of. Self-Assessment alongside Turpin Accounting Services takes the hassle out of dealing with HMRC.

In the process of preparing your return, naturally we’ll prepare a profit and loss account (P&L) and a balance sheet.

In the process of calculating your tax liability and submitting your Self-Assessment on your behalf we’ll also check what you are legally able to claim against your potential tax liability.

As you might expect with all the rules and regulations on such matters they constantly change and it’s surprising what is (and isn’t) allowed for even the most basic of business setups, let us take the stress and ensure you’re submitting on time and submitting the correct figures and calculations.

  • Sole Trader – Full service of bookkeeping, preparing and submitting your self-assessment, including tax advice.
  • Company Director – Salary and dividend return
  • Other Self Assessments – Property or investments, earning more than £50,000 and have child benefit, or wish to claim for mileage, professional fees and training not paid for by your employer.
  • Or a mixture of all of them.

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